Tea of the Day: Cream by Adagio Tea

Description: Sweet, inviting and warm, with a delicate creamy consistency and aroma of fresh black tea. Pleasantly brisk and very refreshing

Dry, smells like between vanilla coffee creamer and dry flavored oatmeal. It is is sweet and full, almost doughy

Once steeped, the tea has a sweet smell with the doughy character a bit more obvious now.

The tea is tasty, sweet and strong. I feel it would go great with desert, or as a dessert if you added more sugar

Tea Rating: 4/5

Last night I was out and about in the world, more an active participant than I usually am.

I got to see all the people in costumes, some crazy, some funny, some just really well done, and I noticed something

I saw a lot of smiles that were real and not forced, saw a lot of people who seemed actually pretty happy for once

It was almost if wearing those costumes allowed to people to actually relax and be themselves because they all knew they could blame anything that happened on it being Halloween.

Too bad we need excuses to be ourselves and be happy

“Tea was more than boiling water. There were decisions to be made and a frame of mind to develop, no matter how imperceptible.”
L.L. Barkat, The Novelist


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