Mile High Tea


Tea of the day: Mile high tea by A Cup of Colorado

Description: A blend of Ceylon teas, which are famous for their crisp pungent flavor and aromatics, grown high in the Colorado mountains

Smells crisp and almost sharp before steeping

Red brown, almost magenta in the cup

Has a smokey smell and flavor. It’s a good tea, but not out of this world…easy to drink if you’d just like a cup of tea and aren’t looking to be wowed

Tea Rating: 3/5

Today I want to re-visit a topic that I’m sure I’ve mentioned before : The importance of self-perception

I bring this up because I got myself in trouble at work because I was allowing doubts to creep in. Things are going well, but I was still feeling like I wasn’t doing my new job well enough and that there just wasn’t any way to get the hang of it, etc.

Now, on face of it, internal anger and myself doesn’t hurt anyone else.

However, because I’m me, what I feel leaks out in other ways. So I was acting irritated, and a few people that I work with saw it as throwing fits because they needed something from me

Not good.

I gave myself a nice long pep-talk last night, and wrote out how I feel about myself, the good and the bad. Also, the reasons why the bad things are not true…or at least, less true.

Today was a much better day.


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