Boulder Berry Tea


Tea of the Day: Boulder Berry Tea by A Cup of Colorado

Description: The essence of raspberries are blended with delicate tea leaves to make this fragrant, delectable cup of savory tea

When dry, smells like raspberry sweet tea

Liquor is a dark, rich red-brown

Smells like raspberries, and that is what it tastes like, too. Simple and delicious

Tea Rating: 5/5

When we talk to people, how we say what we say is often just as important (if not more so) as the message itself

This is tone of voice, gestures, body language, facial expressions…an the words we use

The phrases used to describe what is on our minds often reveal the true depth of what we mean.

Example: you can say “You’re spending time with  ____” or “Your’e with _____”

One just sound like a shortened version of the other, and we all know we love to make things simpler. However, saying “You’re with ____” implies more commitment, perhaps even a relationship.

All of this possible meaning just from taking out two words.

So, how much do we say without realizing everything we’ve said?


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