Azteca Fire


Today’s Tea: Azteca Fire by Teavana

Description: Gorgeous feather headdresses, exquisite turquoise jewels and the famed Latin cocoa and spicy chilies were all used as money to satisfy Aztecan nobility. This tea is a drink worthy of the gods with the taste of hand-dipped chocolate- covered strawberries emboldened with a kick of chilies that summon the Aztecs’ favorite luxuries. Each sip is as decadent as the last in this tasty chocolaty treat.

When dry, it smells like chocolate and something spicy which a touch of sweetness

Has the color of liquid caramel in the cup.

Very choclately in flavor, with a definite kick that does not bite hard but lingers behind. It is very sweet on it’s own, does not need to have sugar added

Tea rating: 3.75/5

Life is full of ups and downs and craziness all over.

I still have time to see friends and drink tea, so I’d say all in and all things are well

Today, I cut another tie between me and someone that I really don’t need to have around anymore. It cost me more than I had expected, but the long run result of not having that stressor in my life is well worth the money spent.

Funny how that works

“Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.”
― Sydney SmithA memoir of the Rev. Sydney Smith


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