Green Tea


Today’s Tea: Premium Green Tea by Stash Tea

Description: A blend of top quality green tea with a classic flavor and boquet. This tea has a beautiful golden color in the cup and a delicate, slightly sweet flavor

Dry, the tea smells like summer: fresh cut grass right after it rain, but a bit sweeter

Smells much the same when steeped. Greenish gold in the cup. It has a very mild flavor, could be said to be bland

Tea Rating: 2/5

I got to spend some time with my family this past weekend…left town on Thursday night, and drove the 5 hours it takes to get from my city to theirs.

Driving is one of those theraputic things for me, something I can do that gives my mind time to stretch and work out some kinks by thinking through any number of different senarios of things that could happen. It’s even better when I’m alone, because then I talk out these things and get to gauge how much of a crazy I might be.

By the time I got home, (side note: I find it maybe a little odd that I call both my parents house and this house where I sit now home.)I was exhausted. I got in, said goodnight to my mom who had waited up for me, let a few people know I had made it safely, and crashed on the bed that had been made up for me.

I spent the next two and half days happily being a goof with the people who both shaped me and that I helped shape—my parents and my siblings. My sisters are like me and not like me at the same time and I find myself amazed and laughing helplessly at the same time. Amazed because they’re pretty awesome and I see myself in them so that must mean I’m awesome too! Laughing helplessly because they’re so very goofy and can still surprise me

I hope they never lose their goofy. I know I did for a time.

I also noticed that I was able to talk more openly with my parents than I have in the past, and that we joked around and laughed about things that I don’t recall us ever even really mentioning before.

If this is being an adult then I like it quite a bit. It’s nice just being real with my parents and receiving the same in return

All in all, spending time with my family reminds me that I may be crazy, but I’m not alone and there’s nothing wrong with it.

These are things that I know, but the reminder is refreshing.


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