Mutan White


Tea of the day: Mutan White by Stash tea

Description: A slightly fuller white tea with subtle characteristics of a fine oolong tea. Light body with no astringency

Dry, the tea smells grassy, but also sweet and full

Steeped, the liquor is honey gold in the cup

Smells now much more sweet, with greater depth and less of the grassy note.

The flavor is a nice balance of grassy and sweet. Adding sugar brings a touch of smokey flavor to the party.

Tea Rating: 4/5

Today I feel sentimental. Perhaps too much so, maybe too inclined to look through those rose-colored lenses…

Something interesting here, though: I’m not worried about being optimistic.

I’m aware that that very idea sounds absurd. But it’s been a pretty consistent occurrence: when things are going well, I’ve often picked at some aspect of it until things are no longer going well, like the idea of being happy was scarier to me than being unhappy.

It was something like being a Positive Polly with a Debbie Downer alter ego that would occasionally just seize control all together, and mess things up, just to prove her point that nothing good can last.

Now, however, I’m not worried about feeling good.

It’s not all perfect, there is still stress from normal life stuff, like work and money but I wake up and go to sleep smiling or at the very least content more days than I do not.

and the best part? I have no idea when this shift happened.

This is a good thing because the one thing I know about change is that the more sudden and drastic it is, the less likely it is to last or to be an actual positive thing when it’s all said and done.

There’s something to be said for subtlety.

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