Organic Rooibos


Tea of the day: Organic Rooibos by Sipping Streams

Description: This natural herb from Africa has a honey-like taste naturally. It has been used for many years as a cure for many illnesses

When dry, smells pleasantly sweet with a hint of tang/tartness

Smells much the same when steeped, makes me think of fireweed honey. For those of you in areas devoid of honey, think of honey that has been infused with red currant or something similar, resulting in honey that is sweet but with a tart richness to it.

Liquor is dark magenta pink in the cup.

Smooth, with a honey-like flavor (just like the smell). Tastes warm and relaxing and leaves behind a pleasant sweet aftertaste.

Tea Rating: 4.75/5


Slip sideways,softly

into daydreams

of constellations

Not up in the sky,

but the pattern of goosebumps

that followed his touch

Constellations of tingles

that my skin still feels


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