Vanilla Rooibos


Today’s Tea: Vanilla Rooibos by Sipping Streams


Smells sweet and cookie like dry, with a hint of a hone tone to it

Red-orange brown in the cup

Smells like cookies, sweet and vanillay. It’s a delightful tea, sweet and mellow and all day drinkable. Good by itself, or with food or desert

Tea Rating : 5/5

There are a lot of things bouncing ’round in my head. Some good, some bad.

I’ll be working on sharing some of them here over the next few days, but right now, some questions.

Why is it such a strange thing to be reasonable?

When did our world become so messed up that treating other people like they are human beings and deserve respect is something so out of the ordinary that it deserves compliments??

I find it strange when this happens to me, but I realize that I do it, too.

When people treat me well I wonder why.

This says something about me….but I think it says something about the world we live in, too.


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