Organic Darjeeling Black Tea


Tea of the Day: Organic Darjeeling Black Tea by Sipping Streams

Description: A mellow tea from the later part of the season from an estate known for its commitment to sustainable agriculture. A very easy tea to enjoy!

Dry leaves have a fully, rich smell, with a hint of smokiness. The smell remains the same when steeped.

Very light red brown in the cup. Has an almost chocolatey flavor with a sweet aftertaste

Rating: 3.5/5

Lately, I’ve been thinking about why we are here, about the roles each of us play in our lives and our immediate world

I had a couple of ideas about this:

1. We are all here to try to make some kind of difference in the world.

And we will. Some of us will make the history books, but most of us will be remembered by our family and friends…and maybe by the internet with things like this blog, and other internet venues

2. We each have a role to play. Some of us are more active, some more supportive. Each role is equally important though, because they are all woven together to form the whole of the world

After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that my personal role is an active supporter. I may not be the one to go to war, but I will the one at home making sure that there is a home to go back to

I am the rock, the willow tree, the safe place to be. My battles are the small acts of kindness, the day to day maintenance that really keep things running, that make it so when you leave you know you’ll be happy to come back. I, and people like me, help make it so that when our doers are out doing they are proud of where they came from.

There is greatness in small things


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