Constant Comment


Tea of the day: Constant Comment by Bigelow

Description: Blend of tender, hand-picked tea leaves with the rind of sweet orangs and sweet spice.

Smells of dried oranges with a hint of clove and cardamon

Liquor is a very dark brown. Steeped, it smells very similar to the dry leaves, but the spice flavors are more apparent. Good amount of kick, but not overpowering

Tea Rating: 3/5

Last night, I was out of sync. I’ve been far busier than is normal for me since I started my new job.

This is a good thing. However, in the midst of all these good things, I sorta forgot one important thing. I put out a ton of energy when I’m out and about in the world, just a natural state of being for me. So, after a while, even if I’m enjoying myself, I have to have some me time at home, by myself, to recharge. If I don’t, I end up panicked and stressed and no fun for anyone.

I thought maybe that this had changed since there has been so much positive in my life. It had not, and so last night I ended up feeling vulnerable and frazzled and I panicked a little. Luckily for me, the only person who was even a little aware of my panic responded with genuine reassurances of things being just fine…something like a verbal hug.

Even in the midst of #panic, I am now surrounded by wonderful people. There is not a single person in my life who makes me feel like I have to apologize for being who I am (except for maybe the tiny tiny voice inside that I’m still trying to silence). I know I did the legwork to get myself here, but it still feels pretty wonderful and blows me away, every day.


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