Masala Chai


Today’s Tea: Organic Masala chai by Sipping Streams

Description: Masala chai is a traditional Indian beverage which literally means “mixed spiced tea”. There is no one recipe for chai, as each family usually has their own. This particular chai is a blend of organic black tea, ginger, green cardamon, pink pepper,cinnamon, and vanilla flavor

Smells sweet and spicy, without leaning too far in favor of one spice or another.

Liquor is a chocolaty brown in the cup, with a slight reddish tint

Tea has a nice full flavor and is warm yet mellow. Has a nice sweetness on it’s own

Rating: 3.75/5

Today’s thought is a quick one, just something that occurred to me as I was getting ready for my day a few mornings ago

This relates to the post I made where I put forth the idea that treating people badly gives other people permission to treat you badly. {}

When you take the time to take care of yourself, to do things for yourself, like work out, or go to a spa day, or even smaller things like wearing colors that flatter your skin or clothes that fit well, you are telling yourself that you are worth the time. That you care about yourself, and that you expect others to treat you like you’re worth it, too.

And that explains those image-obsessed individuals that we all know, men and women. They’re not as confident as they appear; they’re trying to use the trick of taking care of themselves to fake it, but it ends up being like a silent cry for help: “look how well I treat myself, I deserve to be treated well, see?!?”

Take care of yourself. But not just the physical aspects that you can pinch and prod into shape or wax into submission. Take care of your heart and your mind, too.

You’re worth it.


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