English Breakfast tea


Today’s tea: English breakfast tea by Stash Tea

Description: This old favorite is full-bodied and stimulating. English breakfast tea includes a blend of Assam, Ceylon and African teas to make it a good partner to fried foods and strong flavors

Smells bold and smokey with a hint of an alfalfa-like sweet scent

Liquor is a lovely red, almost dark magenta in the cup. Still has the strong smell it did before steeping but with a little less of the sweetness. The tea is strong and the smokey flavor comes through quite strongly, but it is very smooth

Tea Rating: 3.5/5

I may have said this already in this blog, but I love autumn.

I love the visible change, the briliant colors and impossibly clear days

Autumn has always been a time of growth and new beginnings for me, and this year is certainly no exception

There’s one big difference between this year and years previous though…for once I’m actively happy while my life is changing, rather than being anxious about it. IMG_0561


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