Darjeeling Black Tea


Today’s Tea: Namring Estate Darjeeling by Stash Tea

Description: First flush from the renowned Namring Estate in Darjeeling, India. Beautiful flavor with a delicate, flowery finish

Smells very grassy/earthy and slightly sweet. Makes me think of hay fields in the summer

Pinkish amber in the cup. Earthy flavor, with a nice floral finish. I would drink this tea in the dead of winter to remind me of warmer days.

Tea rating: 4/5

I did a thing that was brave and bold and nerve-wracking and wonderful all at the same time

I asked a guy out. With a note, because I wanted to get the words right, and be sure I got them all out. It just seemed more important this time than any other time I’ve reached out in recent months to get it right.

And the note was well received.

I’m so glad I went through with it!

So, if any of you lovely people reading this have something you’re thinking about doing but aren’t sure you should, go for it! You never know what may happen but for sure nothing will if you don’t try!

“But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea.”
Jane Austen, Mansfield Park


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