Double Bergamont Earl Grey


Today’s tea: Double Bergamont Earl Grey by Stash Tea

Description: We made a good thing better by adding double the amount of 100% pure bergamont to our award-winning Earl Grey tea

Leaves have a very very citrus smell.

Once steeped, the citrus smell persists, with a full bodied tea smell coming through. Liquor is rich mahogany brown. Lovely full bodied citrus taste that leaves behind a mouthful of pleasantly tangy sweetness

Tea Rating: 4/5


I remember as a kid there were little commercial shorts on the PBS station in between my shows that would show something that looked really strange or new and then the camera would shift to show what ordinary thing it actually was and some kid would say “it’s all how you look at it”

I’m sure the point was to encourage the children watching to look at things in new ways and exercise their imaginations, but thinking about it now, I find a deeper meaning

The key to happiness isn’t having all the things we think we want or having a “perfect” life. It’s looking at what we do have through different eyes. It’s that whole “count your blessings” cliche. To me now, as an adult, I don’t hear that advice as a reminder to praise God for all that I have (although a little gratitude to the Powers that Be never hurts anything) but as a reminder that there is more good in my life than bad. 

And I bet all of you, if you really sat down and thought about it, would come to the same conclusion.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be big things that make you life good. It can be a lot of little things. 

In fact, it usually is. 



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