Lemon Ginger Green Tea


Tea of the Day: Lemon ginger green tea by Stash Tea

Description: Spicy ginger and fresh lemongrass blended with green tea to create a smooth and invigorating cup

Smells very lemony but with a nice sharpness to it

Smells more like ginger once steeped

Liquor is a light golden color in the cup.

Simple tea. Smooth, but with a nice little spicy kick to it

Tea Rating: 3.75/5

Less melancholy today.

It helps to talk to people about how I feel.

To say, “I’m not ok, but I know no one can fix it. I’ll take hugs, though”

The wonderful thing is is that I finally have more people in my life who will actually hear the “please just hug me” in those words and not only not judge me for it but willingly offer the comfort I need.

I say “more” because many times I have settled for “friends” who did not really want to hear about any part of my life that was not related to them or made them feel better about themselves.

I wonder how anyone can live that way, so wrapped up in themselves.

We’re all selfish at times, of course. But I at least find that I feel the most human and most alive when I am able to connect with someone on a deeper level. I’m sure you know what I mean…talking on the phone for hours, or a 2 am walk and talk because neither one of you wants to fall asleep so you have to get moving…And sometimes that deeper connection means listening to someone else, offering words of comfort or just silent support…In those moments of sharing and understanding the connectedness that we are all seeking (whether we realize it or not) is often quite stunning.

I guess I can see why someone might not want that level of understanding to occur though; if someone is ashamed of themselves or thinks they are not worth much, then hiding behind shallow words and actions probably feels safe.

And lonely too, I bet

“A cup of tea would restore my normality.”

[Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Screenplay]”
Douglas Adams

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