Super Irish Breakfast Tea


Today’s Tea: Super Irish Breakfast tea by Stash Tea

Description: The “espresso” of tea, this robus blend of rich assams, ceylons and premium black teas is an excellent morning cup

Smells dark and right and just a little tangy when dry. Smell alone would probably perk you up on a tiring day

Smells much the same when steeped. It’s full-flavored and fills the mouth. Easy to drink, and would probably taste quite good with some cream with the sugar, just like coffee

Tea rating: 4/5

Attitude is everything.

We all know this to be the truth…but there is something else that is equally true but no one ever says.

Attitude is everything but if you don’t at least act with personal integrity then your attitude is just a facade. That sounds a little harsh, but ultimately it’s not something you can get away from. We all have certain standards, certain ways that we expect and want (and often need) people to treat us or act towards us. So, when we act in a way towards someone else that would upset us if the same were to happen to us, we are essentially saying that we ourselves do not actually deserve the treatment we say we want. To me, when we treat others badly, we are giving permission to be treated badly ourselves. So, you can the best attitude in the world, but your actions don’t support the positive front, then it won’t withstand any real pressure or hard times

I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground


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