Blueberry Herbal Tea


Today’s tea: Blueberry Herbal Tea by Stash Tea

Description: The mellow sweetness and the tart flavor of orange, lemongrass, and spices combine in a refreshing herbal tea.

Dry tea has a smell that makes me think of blueberry bagels or muffins— definitely blueberry, but already sweet 

It tastes about like it smells, slightly sweet blueberry. Great for relaxing. 


Yesterday I started studying for a chemistry exam I have to take at the end of the month.

I also picked up a non-fiction book about vilians/villanhood in western society.

I have a number of non-fiction books on my Kindle that I have either read or picked up because I am interested in reading them…

…And it got me thinking: why is it that a perceived choice seems to make it easier to learn? If you’re a person that likes to learn anyway, why does it matter if it’s a course you chose to take versus one that is required by your degree? And why does it seem easier to add more things to my brain now that I’m not actually in college.

Is it because I rebel against being forced to do anything? 

Or maybe because learning is easier when there is no stress involved?

I’m really not sure, and knowing what I do know about the brain and people’s motivations (even my own) there’s probably not a simple answer

I think I’ll just settle on being grateful that learning can still be fun for me, because there are so many interesting things in the world I’d miss out on if it wasn’t!


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