Earl Grey


Tea of the day: Earl Grey by Stash tea

Description: Stash uses superior grades of Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka and black teas from China for our Earl Grey. We strive for a distinctive tea flavor that is not overwhelmed by the pungent citrus, and we use only 100% pure bergamot oil, not a mixture.

Smells rich and fully and nicely of citrus when dry. Steeped, smells much the same, thought slightly more citrusy. Strong, but with a pleasant citrus aftertaste that makes it quite drinkable. 

After a second steep, the tea is still quite strong, but the citrus flavor is stronger

Liquor is a dark, rich brown in the cup

Tea Rating: 3.5/5


Missed a couple days of posting, just because things got a little crazy, as life is wont to do.

Friday I had a trip to the doctor, and then a homemade Italian dinner with friends, which was quite wonderful.

Saturday was a crazy busy day at work and then the lack of sleep over the last couple of weeks caught up with me and I passed out hard. 

Still feeling a little sick and tired, but thankfully I don’t work tomorrow so I should be able to approach this next work week with energy and aplomb.

Feeling like I’m about to break free from more than just working retail…there’s a lot more change ahead than just this big one that I can see. 


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