Jasmine Blossom Green Tea


Today’s tea: Jasmine Blossom Green Tea by Stash Tea

Description: For our version of this celebrated scented tea, we combined the finest China green tea with fragrant jasmine for a delicate, flowery taste.

Sweet, flowery smell when dry; similar when steeped, just a touch earthier

Honey brown in the cup.

Has a sweet and earthy taste with a lightly sweet aftertaste

Tea rating: 3.5/5

Time and time again it seems that one of my first reactions to a big change is fear…and since venturing into the single life, loneliness as well.

It seems strange to me, because all of the major life changes that have happened (with the possible exception of my grandmother’s passing) have turned out to be good in the long run. The more recent upheavals have been good in the short term as well.

So why do I keep reacting out of fear? Why does anyone? Why spend so much time fearing what we don’t know when time and again what we don’t know takes us awesome places we’ve never imagined? Granted, there needs to be some common sense employed here…but the overall thought is the same. If we’ve made a change, it’s probably for good reason. If it’s not, it more than likely is not going to be deadly and it will send us on a different than we were on before.

There are going to be a lot of unknowns. Today I make the promise to myself that I won’t let an uncertain outcome stop me.

“Find yourself a cup of tea,
the teapot is behind you.
Now tell me about
hundreds of things.”
Saki, The Complete Saki


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