Organic Earl Grey


Today’s tea: organic earl grey by Sipping Streams

Description: organic black tea, organic natural flavoring. Earl grey tea is traditionally a blend of China teas or teas from China and India scented with oil from the citrus bergamont fruit. The amount of bergamont in the tea can make or break the taste because too much makes a soapy taste, and too little makes it basically just straight black tea.

The leaves have a smokey-sweet, rich and full smell before steeping

Liquor is a cherry brown in the cup

The smokey scent of the tea is greatly enhanced by steeping, and the flavor is full-bodied and lingers well. This particular Early Grey is easy to over-steep, giving it a bitter flavor. The bergamont flavor comes out more strongly after it has been sweetened.

After a second steep, the tea is still a cherrywood color just a touch lighter, and the flavor is lighter as well. I personally prefer the second steep of this tea

Tea rating: 3.5/5

Sometimes life is just surreal. I’m leaving the company that I’ve worked for four years…entirely by my own choice. I just keep looking around going “is this a joke?” “am I awake?”

It’s funny to say that even with everything I have going for me, on some level I did not think I was really leaving right now.

Guess it really was time for a change.

Ready, set, let’s go!


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