Jasmine Tea


Today’s tea: Jasmine Green Tea by Trader Joe (bagged)

Description:  Green tea blended with fragrant jasmine blossoms to create a subtle floral aroma combined with the goodness of green tea

Dry tea smells lightly flowery

The liquor that results from steeping smells much the same. Reddish amber color in the cup. Tea has a nicely flowery taste to it. It is similar to the oolong I had in terms of drinkability and depth of flavor, but with a much stronger flowery-sweet flavor coming through. Needs very little sugar and is very drinkable.

Warning: very easy to over steep. Set a timer!

Tea rating: 4/5

Today I found myself thinking about the importance of honesty. I don’t mean the small honesty, the truths that are easy to tell. I mean Honesty–telling the truth even when speaking it might be hard or have consequences that you might not want to face. This is something my parents tried to impart on me, that you should always tell the truth because the lies are worse, but they did not put it quite the way it came to mind to today. Honest is hard…but the guilt carried around as a result of not being Honest is far worse than anything I have ever gone through as a result of truth telling.

Now, a caveat. If you’re being honest so that you can hurt someone, you’re doing it wrong. It is entirely possible to speak truth and not be brutal about it. Also, if you’re softening the truth when awareness of the stark reality of a situation is the only thing that can make it better, you are also doing it wrong. Honesty should never be a tool for harm or co-dependence; it should be a tool to help you and those you care for live better lives



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