Sevenberry Sangria


Today’s Tea: Sevenberry Sangria Rooibos Tea by Teavana

Description: A delicious moment, shared and savored. Each cup of our multi-berry medley swirls with the flair of a Spanish punch bowl; brimming over with the lavish flavors of blueberry, grape, elderberry, creamy vanilla and black currant. Bright flavors of grapes, cherry, raspberry and blueberry

The dry tea is very berry smelling. Sweet and tart and slightly grassy and floral. 

The tea is a dark magenta color in the cup. It is very very berry flavored. Quite intense, tastes something like a rich berry pie filling before you add any sweetener. It is very tasty, but almost too much unless you mellow it out with a decent amount of sugar

Tea rating: 3/5

After this evening, my roommate goes on vacation for two weeks. This will be the first time in my life that I will be home alone for more that a day. It sounds strange, but coming from a large family, then to dorm living, then to living with different boyfriends to the point now where life is currently much more affordable with a roommate, I have never really lived alone.

I think I can manage just fine, considering the fact that I like my surroundings just so and have certain routines I prefer to follow as uninterrupted as possible. I adapt well to living with other, but I find that I am looking forward to this small taste of solitude. 

I’ll get to find out if I actually like the quiet as much as I think I will. 

Who knows.. maybe I’m more dependent on having the rhythms of another person influencing my life than I’ve previously realized. Either way, I’m going to find out.

So what do you think? Do you prefer living alone or with other people?


“Afternoon tea needn’t stand on ceremony. Anything that becomes more important than sweet fellowship, whether lace or linen or the china itself, is pretense. How much more we enjoy life when the pretenses are discarded!” 

Paul F. Kortepeter, Tea with Victoria Rose


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