Chocolate Mint


Tea of the day: Chocolate Mint Black Tea by Harney and Sons

Description: China black teas carefully blended with chocolate flavor and peppermint leaves. Makes a light black tea with a delightful chocolate flavor.

Dry leaves have a very minty smell, great for a random summer cold day. The leaves are very fine, so a fine mesh or grate tea strainer is needed. 

Once steeped, the tea has a minty smell but a hint of chocolate comes through. Has a rich brown color in the cup.

Before sugar, the tea is very minty at first taste, but what lingers is chocolate. After a little sugar, there is more of a chocolate presence initially, thought it is still very minty. Chocolate aftertaste remains. It is not a mind-blowing tea, but very drinkable. Flavor remains the same after a second steep, no added bitterness comes out. 

Tea Rating: 3/5

I was looking a little more in depth into the tea book I have, and learned that the proper term for the part of tea that you actually drink is liquor. 

It is pretty amazing what one night of good rest can do for a person’s mood. I slept well, woke up refreshed and ready for the day. I was able to stay upbeat, even when work did not go so much as I had planned. So maybe yesterday was my body’s way of reminding me that I need to breathe, breathe, breathe. Sleep and rest, and stretch my mind and body to fill up the space around me, not to be swallowed by it. With or without rest, I am dynamic and engaging and I make the world my own. But rested…oh, but rested, there is nothing and no one that can bring me down…and even better, I can bring people with me as I rise

I need to remember to treat myself with the respect I deserve (that we all deserve). 

I need to remember to rest. 


One thought on “Chocolate Mint

  1. Hmm I like black tea, mint tea, chocolate and mint chocolate. But not sure if I would want to drink this….
    Strange maybe considering how often I drink/eat this combination, but it’s separate though 🙂


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