Tea of the Day: Organic Imperial Ti Kwan Yin Oolong by Sipping Streams

The little sample bag I have does not have much of a description on it, but the tea book I have (of course I have one; I wish I had more!) says that the name means “Tea of the Iron Goddess of Mercy” and is one of China’s most sought after teas 

Dry leaves smell a little like fresh cute greenery: earthly and slightly sweet

Tea is clear honey color in the cup. The unsweetened tea smells a little like flowers…puts me in mind of jasmine, although it is not listed as an ingredient in the tea. Whatever the source, it is a very relaxing smell

Has an earthy taste, something like what I imagine it would taste like if you could drink the smell of fresh cut grass. Has a sweet aftertaste. Adding a small amount of sugar brings out the flowery/sweet taste and makes it very drinkable. I could very easily drink this tea all day long

Tastes just as good after a second steeping

Tea rating: 5/5

Today’s theme is change; but change as in growth, not decay. This was brought to mind by some of the recent events in my life. In particular, the internal shift of confidence and self acceptance that has made my days brighter and made people look at me differently. What I find most interesting is that every change that has happened has been gradual and subtle until all of a sudden, bam! I’m a whole different person and it’s hard to be sure when that happened.

This tea is a good example, it’s not a kind that I would have picked out on my own as I tend to go for flavored teas. But it was very very good, and I wish I had more than just the sample amount that I had. My life is simpler now than it once was. I’m happier, too which is interesting since I would have said I prefer excitement and business if you had asked me even just a couple of months ago. 

Here is to growth and forward movement! *raises cup*


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