Pineapple Green Tea


Today’s tea is: The Pacific Place Green Pineapple Tea (loose)

This particular tea was a gift from a friend that she picked up when she went to Hawaii. I am not usually a pineapple fan but I wanted to start my tea adventure with a tea I had for certain never had, so an unopened tea seemed like a good place to start.

Description: green tea China-Sencha, Gunpowder, Minu Tua, Chun Mee, Pai Mu Tan, Lung Ching, Snow bud, Pi lo chum,  candied pineapple bits, strawberry bits, sunflower blossoms

Dry blend smells sweet and fruity

Once steeped, the tea has a clear golden hue in the cup

The tea itself is perfectly drinkable without sugar, very light with just a little bit of sweetness. It also has a slightly smokey flavor to it so it lingers on the tongue and leaves a pleasant after taste. I would imagine it would make a very refreshing iced tea.

Because it is a loose tea, I gave the leaves a second steeping. I found that the flavor was much diminished the second time around

Tea Rating: 3.5/5 

I confess myself pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed this tea. I am, however, quite glad that I decided to overlook my general dislike of pineapple flavor because I would have missed out, otherwise. This just goes to show–at least for me–that the old adage that you never know until you try is accurate. It’s a good reminder for life in general too; how many things do we skip out on because we think we won’t like them or that we won’t be good enough at them or what have you?

On that note, I challenge you to try something new today. In particular, if there is something that you have thought about trying but decided against, give it a shot!

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